Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Teacher! That theme more difficult…

Well, hello at all!
What am I going to be when I get older? Good question for me, not yet I have a clear idea but I tell about it I think.

I am studying psychology and i am in my fourth year of the career, so I’m thinking that I do with my life.
In the University I learned at I love the legal Psychology, during this year I take my subjects related with this specific area of the Psychology. In my fifth year I would like take qualified  specializing in the area.

What kind of job would you like to have? Well, I would like a job that it can I have direct contact with the persons, specifically with persons victims of violent crime, this is because I feel that is my way of to contribute at the society of my country. As well as this is important because the work and assistance to the victims of violent crime is very poor in our Chilean criminal system and psychologists need to help these people.

My job it would in some institution which it treats and to get information at the persons. I don’t worry for hourly or pay, for me is important only that I help at the persons, to contain in your suffering and get better the quality of life.

And in a job interview I tell that my strengths is that I loved my career so I would make my job of the best way, I’m responsible and persevering in my projects; and my weakness it is in my  insecurity with my ability, that so I play a lot against.

My dream is I can work in a government program it call “Apoyo a victimas” is the Department of the Interior in our country because is a public program and it is present in the all region of Chile.

Well friends this is my future plan!
So, that’s all I have to say


  1. I think taht legal Psychology is a area very interesting, but is more difficult work because the case is complicated

  2. I see that we all want to contribute at our way to the society, you’ll do through attention for victims of violent crimes and I’ll do through attention for those are victims of the legal system