Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hello Classmates!
How are you?

This theme of today is a article to extract of the web so you can look through this page.
I choose this because  is a book that it talk about the introverts persons in our world. I think is very interesting because in the currently this world is competitive and crazy and the person that they can’t to manage in this world they could to get job or they  have problems in their public relations.

But I am introverts persons is not bad, is a mistake I try to simulate I am a extrovert.. The persons get sick to try change… besides that is horrible to base the competition it try is narcissistic person.. Nah!! is bad idea believed that our world are a good place. In the article say that in Harvard Business School the socializing is “an extreme sport”, when I read this I feel that is a bad strategy for the development or self-esteem the persons because be an extrovert for me is seen like a weak person for being different at social stereotype and for this the person they must change, although this is something damaging for the people.

Well, this topic I like because is important we understand that is damaging I think change at the persons because they not to comply with the stereotypes in our society.

That is all!


  1. oh, that interesting description of article. I will read it when I have a time.

  2. very ineresting post. it seems that ours societys doesnt think in everyones