Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hello classmates!

How are you?  As going end of the semester? I hope that good
I have to talk about the English in my life, if I can use in my diary life, out of the university.
Well, the truth is that i hate the English, I can’t understand and I not want xd!
But I know that is necessary in the university and my working life, so I have that I am matter ready for I learn the language.

In the school my English classes I was terrible! I not learned nothing, because the teacher I didn’t the classes more funny or interesting, she just made us translate a text, word for word and this is very boring…

I don’t study outside of classes, just the Friday in the afternoon with my teacher Rodrigo… something that I make with the language English is for example I sing karaoke, but my pronunciation is ugly although is funny like my friends laugh of my pronunciation XD. I listening music in English but is very little and if a song I like too much I to look for the lyrics in the web for I understand that mean the song. And I have to read articles in English for some subject in my career.

In general my English fault in the understanding and in I can speak English; my pronunciation is bad… oh! and I can’t listening audios in English or conversation because the voice speak very fast :(

I try of I see movies in English for improve my pronunciation in the homework or the videos the our class, but is difficult as well as that I don’t like the English, I’m so sorry but I hate the Language!!

Well my friends this is my poor history with the English!



  1. Meli, We can see the movies in english together and with Eli :)!!!

  2. I can't speak in english too, is my Karma jajaja I think that I never going to learn to pronounce well

  3. English "la lleva". I hope you some day liket to