Thursday, April 26, 2012

The technology I like so-so.
There things that I think are interesting.  But aren’t my fascination.  Some are: the iphone, the digital camera and the netbooks.
Today I will write about the netbooks, these are a laptop.  These are very useful, because are small and light. Thanks to I can to take from one place to another.  I to use for I study and to do works of the University.
My netbook was a gift of Birthday! This is the best gift!  I have two years ago. I was amazing !!
I to use all days, I am all the time in it. My mother gets angry with me, but well… she doesn’t understand.
I like my netbook because I can communicate with my friends, family and boyfriend (he live in Talca :().
My life without it would be difficult, but I to return at the books, the log book. And to communicate with the people to use the letter… are very romantics!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spectacular Show

In the 2008 I went to see  at Queen. This band is amazing. I like too much the songs.  I had the opportunity of buy the ticket for the concert.   By the way! you give away a ticket at my boyfriend because he was of Birthday! XD.

The concert was performed in the “San Carlos de Apoquindo”, a place very remote of my house. The journey was the two hours! All be for Queen!

The show was incredible, to play all the songs famous and the sound was wonderfully! In the stage they show a video with pictures of Freddy Mercury, that was moving. Freddy was a great singer!

This was a show that it took two hours… the best hours of my life!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hi! I am Melissa and I am 24 years old. I have a brother and a sister. I’m the middle child, the nicest XD. When I was born I went to live at Isla de Maipo. But when I was two years old we moved to Puente Alto and we still live there. I like my commune, it is quiet and stress free.  When I was little I loved school and studying. I always liked the school, never missing classes. That did not change until 4th grade high school. I was in the two Schools. The first was called “Aldea Maria Reina” and the High School was called “Nuestra SeƱora de las Mercedes”.
After school I entered university. I am studying Psychology at Universidad de Chile. I’m in my fourth year of the career.   The University has been difficult, the rate of study is difficult for me, but I managed to get used. I feel that it is nearing completion and so I am happyJ.
Well, as I said before I have an older brother called Manuel and a younger sister called Valentina. I live only with my mother. I know nothing about my father. Oh! I have a cat and three dogs they are part of my family :D
I don’t really have hobbies, I am boringL. I like to read and sleep, maybe the age has made me more boring XD. I would like to learn some sports for getting distracted but I am very lazy and I never suggest things to doL. I hope to do it one day!!
Well, to finish I wanted to tell you that ending my career I’ll go to live to the south of Chile, ideally to Valdivia <3.
That’s all
Regards <3

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My name is Melissa Aliste. I'm Studyng Psychology in Universidad de Chile. I'm fouth year and I love My career. I would like to especialize in legal psychology and work on it.
I hope to tell you all about this stuff on my blog and you can find out about this.
So I hope your questions or comments...
Welcome My Blog!