Thursday, April 26, 2012

The technology I like so-so.
There things that I think are interesting.  But aren’t my fascination.  Some are: the iphone, the digital camera and the netbooks.
Today I will write about the netbooks, these are a laptop.  These are very useful, because are small and light. Thanks to I can to take from one place to another.  I to use for I study and to do works of the University.
My netbook was a gift of Birthday! This is the best gift!  I have two years ago. I was amazing !!
I to use all days, I am all the time in it. My mother gets angry with me, but well… she doesn’t understand.
I like my netbook because I can communicate with my friends, family and boyfriend (he live in Talca :().
My life without it would be difficult, but I to return at the books, the log book. And to communicate with the people to use the letter… are very romantics!