Thursday, May 3, 2012

TV Show "Neon Evangelion"

Well, the last TV show I have seen is “Neon Evangelion” . This is my favorite TV shows. The first I started to see a month ago and I loved. 

Neon Evangelion I like because is a TV show very special, the content is difficult to understand, in this is mixed in various subjects, in the TV show  can you see psychology, science fiction, philosophy and religion, is fantastic  the creation of a story so, in every episode to discover intrigue and conspiracy.  The TV show tells the story of the world in 2015 and leading the battle against creatures called angels, who seek to destroy the human race. Shinji and his friends piloting robots called eva's the only ones able to fight the enemy. 
The characters were a mystery; everyone has childhood traumas in their lives and mysteries that in the course of the series were discovered. 

 This are Eva's 02-01-00 respectively, of the TV Show "Neon Evangelion"

The end of Evangelion astonished me, I can’t understand! Ihad  to find extra information to understand the TV show.  Until now the end is a mystery to me XD.

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  1. Melli =O
    never seen these cartoons


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  3. Gooood! *-* Evangelion ;O; awww remember my old times xDD I watch this tv show when I was 8 O.O yes, a lot of time ajajajjaa This tv show is very good! the best! ;O; awww Really, i love the Evangelion in special to Rei and shinji ahahhjajaja shinji is very stupid jajaja XDD!

    good post! *-* see you :)