Thursday, May 31, 2012

Greece, The Mystic

I would like to go Greece because is a wonderful place. I imagined when I read the History books than that country is magic and full of the mystery. When I was girl I dreamed with travel at places that I saw in the pictures of History books. For example: The Parthenon, the Troy City and the famous Mount Olympus where they lived the great gods. I think I met him would never end, so I would to consider live for a time in this country.

Greece is the cradle of the democracy in the west culture, in this place also were developed the Philosophy, Literature, Medicine and also the sports: Greece is the birth place of the Olympic Games (as data historical the first Olympic Games were recorded in 776 BC… wuaaau!)

I would like to do there so many things, well, I know the places I've seen in photos, I learn more about their culture, I buy very books about the legends or myth of the gods (of Zeus, Athena or Hades) and I would take many pictures of all places, ever spot of Greece!

In Greece I would live for a time, but I return to Chile because I loved live in my country (than patriotic! Jaja!). I wouldn’t work in the Greece because they have financial troubles…
So I would to go only I know the magic culture and history of the country!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cotton Grass

To choose the photo that I consider my favorite I think that caused me the photo, that is, feelings makes me see it.
This is the picture that I like. I saw in the TV Cable this picture, was the selection of the best photos from National Geographic  in the year 2011.
This photo was taken by Jennifer Jesse in July of 2010 while hiking in a region of Iceland called Landmannalaugar.  Is a field of grass, cotton, thousands of cotton moving in the wind
I like very much this picture because it represents tranquility and stillness. When I saw first time impressed me I thinking that there was such a place on this planet and I would like to know that place.
Tell me if this picture is not beautiful?
If any of you want to visit the page where this photo you can visit the website
That is all friends!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

TV Show "Neon Evangelion"

Well, the last TV show I have seen is “Neon Evangelion” . This is my favorite TV shows. The first I started to see a month ago and I loved. 

Neon Evangelion I like because is a TV show very special, the content is difficult to understand, in this is mixed in various subjects, in the TV show  can you see psychology, science fiction, philosophy and religion, is fantastic  the creation of a story so, in every episode to discover intrigue and conspiracy.  The TV show tells the story of the world in 2015 and leading the battle against creatures called angels, who seek to destroy the human race. Shinji and his friends piloting robots called eva's the only ones able to fight the enemy. 
The characters were a mystery; everyone has childhood traumas in their lives and mysteries that in the course of the series were discovered. 

 This are Eva's 02-01-00 respectively, of the TV Show "Neon Evangelion"

The end of Evangelion astonished me, I can’t understand! Ihad  to find extra information to understand the TV show.  Until now the end is a mystery to me XD.

Highly recommended friends