Friday, September 28, 2012

The best Holidays


Hi Classmates!

Today, I have to talk about the best holidays in my life XD! Well, there is  in holidays particular that were great! when I  traveled at Valdivia with my boyfriend.
The holidays were incredible because this were my first vacations really! I never there was  leave of Santiago, so I was very excited!

The Valdivia’s city is beautiful, its streets are clean and with green areas, its riverside path is ideal for to walk in the afternoon.
In my holidays I know several places in the city and the coast. For example I knew Niebla;  is a beach in the coast with a folk market, together with the ruins of a Spanish colonial fort and its museum.

Other thing that I knew  the Botanic Garden in the “Universidad Austral” in the Teja Island, is a place with much flora native, where one by can to rest and to breathe pure air!

Botanic Garden
And the most fantastic activity in Valdivia was to travel in a catamaran for the Calle-Calle River and Valdivia River until its mouth in the sea. The landscape is romantic and wonderful…

Calle-Calle River
That’s all friends!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Greece and China

Hi classmates and Teacher, I hope you have had an fantastic 18 :D

The topic of this week is the country I like to visit. Well, I have two choices: Greece and China. 
I like visited these countries because both are very interesting by their stories in the antiquity.

The things that I know about Greece and China are related with their myths and legends. Before I talk of this, I want to talk of the general characteristics as for example China is the world's most populous country and your culture is fascinating and Greece is generally considered the cradle of Western civilization, is the birthplace of democracy, the philosophy, literature, political science and of the Olympic Games :D

Well, Greece is a country with a fantastic mythology:  the story of the gods of Olympus, is for this that I would like  to visit The Parthenon, and the Troy City and the famous Mount Olympus! 
And China is a country that in a beginning I wouldn't  liked to visit because is large and full of people, but I discovered in some documentary that I saw in the TV,  that China have wonderful places, much of they are World Heritage, for example the Chinese Wall, by this is that I  changed of opinion. And well, in China I will to visit  all this places and I  take a  photography in every places of this country!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Hello Classmates and Teacher Rodrigo!

How are you? I hope you are doing well…

My name is Melissa Aliste and I’m studying Psychology. I’m in my fourth year of my career.
Well, of this year there is little to be said because the last semester was very relaxed as for at the studies but in my private life the things wasn’t very good.

Well, never mind the life to continue… The last semester I learned several topics interesting for my professional career, which was important and good point in my education. For example I learn about the work of psychologist expert in the courts.

Other good point is that in my free time I practiced a sport, specifically I to go gym twice for week.  I think that was funny and I want to go this semester too.

The challenges for this year are the social protest in our country. I’m in accordance with the demands of the students but I not to share the violence between the persons, from both parts, that was the bad point in the last semester and the last year…

So, that’s all I have to say.