Thursday, May 31, 2012

Greece, The Mystic

I would like to go Greece because is a wonderful place. I imagined when I read the History books than that country is magic and full of the mystery. When I was girl I dreamed with travel at places that I saw in the pictures of History books. For example: The Parthenon, the Troy City and the famous Mount Olympus where they lived the great gods. I think I met him would never end, so I would to consider live for a time in this country.

Greece is the cradle of the democracy in the west culture, in this place also were developed the Philosophy, Literature, Medicine and also the sports: Greece is the birth place of the Olympic Games (as data historical the first Olympic Games were recorded in 776 BC… wuaaau!)

I would like to do there so many things, well, I know the places I've seen in photos, I learn more about their culture, I buy very books about the legends or myth of the gods (of Zeus, Athena or Hades) and I would take many pictures of all places, ever spot of Greece!

In Greece I would live for a time, but I return to Chile because I loved live in my country (than patriotic! Jaja!). I wouldn’t work in the Greece because they have financial troubles…
So I would to go only I know the magic culture and history of the country!


  1. jaja yaa yo te regalo los pasajes cuando me gane el loto xD

  2. it seems a great place... maybe somethime we can go together

  3. ruth in english please!! jajjajaj

  4. no, ya hice mis 3 comentarios en inglish