Friday, October 5, 2012

My adorables pets!

Well, I have four pets in my house, they are three dogs and one cat. The names of my dogs are: Apolo, Osa and Yakoo; and my cat its call Cholito XD

Each is special, they have differents characteristics, for example Yakoo is the oldest of all (he have thirteen  years old). My dog is aggressive because to bite my sister and me in more of occasionally. I have sadness for this topic but I anyway I love.

Osa is my “lady dog” because she is happy, playful  but is very stubborn. She have eleven years old. With my Osa we plays a let to dress up all the time and I to take the photograpy! I want to show them some fotography.

And Apolo is my dog small in my house. He have two years old and he is mam’s spoiled. When Apolo was a puppy to sleep with my mother! Today he's grown a lot!

Finally my cat is different  all cats I had in my house, because is unfriendly with all! But I always play with it, even thought I receive a scratch in my hands…


Each is different but I love all my pets… I would like have lot pets more!!


  1. Interesting post! And the cat's picture tells how he really is! a bit unfriendly... I must say that you love animals to have four of them in your house. Good for you!

  2. I can't belive you have three pets, I had just one and I almost came crazy... luck with that

  3. I love the animals, but your have a very work with them, because you have feed and clean.