Friday, September 28, 2012

The best Holidays


Hi Classmates!

Today, I have to talk about the best holidays in my life XD! Well, there is  in holidays particular that were great! when I  traveled at Valdivia with my boyfriend.
The holidays were incredible because this were my first vacations really! I never there was  leave of Santiago, so I was very excited!

The Valdivia’s city is beautiful, its streets are clean and with green areas, its riverside path is ideal for to walk in the afternoon.
In my holidays I know several places in the city and the coast. For example I knew Niebla;  is a beach in the coast with a folk market, together with the ruins of a Spanish colonial fort and its museum.

Other thing that I knew  the Botanic Garden in the “Universidad Austral” in the Teja Island, is a place with much flora native, where one by can to rest and to breathe pure air!

Botanic Garden
And the most fantastic activity in Valdivia was to travel in a catamaran for the Calle-Calle River and Valdivia River until its mouth in the sea. The landscape is romantic and wonderful…

Calle-Calle River
That’s all friends!


  1. Valdiviaa!! I've never been there... his rivers are amazing

  2. Melissa; good place to visit especially with the boyfriend. Valdivia is a nice city and its surrounding areas are great! Did you go to Niebla and Mancera isle? I hope you did.. Good post, I guess you had a great time there! Cheers

  3. Oh I dont know Valdivia, but I hope visit it soon