Friday, October 26, 2012

Green, Green, Green

Trends in industrial-human consumption of water
Hello! Classmates and teacher!

Today I have to talk about  ¿How green are you? Wuau! Is a Good Question!

I’m not the World Captain XD but I believe that the environment is very important for the human being, the animals and the plants, in general for our planet, so to do one is bit.
For example in my house I gather tin and White paper for later to sell it.  Other thing is that I try of care the water because is a natural resources that gradually it is to decrease. The availability the drinkable per capita to decrease by several factors like the contamination, the overpopulation, excessive watering and the bad use the drinkable. The water is essential for majority of the forms life known by the man, included the human.

Is by this that the water we must care and it not use irresponsible of it.

The recycling is fundamental for the planet and I think that little things I do the differences in our the daily routine. Some tips are:
-    Replace use the plastic bags for reusable bags.
-    Separate waste into different containers depending on whether paper, glass or plastic for example.
-    Plastic bottle crushing them downsize.

 And finally is necessary to plant very tree in our house or in our neighborhood because the plants release oxygen in our air and to convert the carbón dioxide in pure air for our lungs!! 
Well, we are to be aware of the environment and that it very important for everybody!



  1. I think is really responsible form you part to take care of recycle, it really is

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