Thursday, June 21, 2012


The season of year than I like is the summer! I love it! I like because the evenings are longer, there is more light, and I feel with energy all day!
Besides are the vacations… and this is incredible because I've there than study… I am waiting all the year for the vacations!
I’ve always identified with the summer, because I’m born in this season, maybe because of I like!
The good things is that I can walk for the streets, I go for drinks with friends in some bar or restaurant, I can to go at Museum or exhibition and the best is that I can go on vacations at some place outside of Santiago! I prefer some place of south of Chile.
The bad things are the heat of the day, in especially in the night! The other thing I don’t like is that my friends they traveling with your family and I can’t join them…
In the summer usually I do few things, sometimes I work to raise money for vacations, generally I leave of vacations at beginning of March…so the most of the summer I do nothing…


  1. I don't understand Melissa, do you like summer?? or do you like vacations??

  2. I like summer only for holidays xD I prefer winter

  3. a orange summer lalalala la (8)
    i like that song =)