Thursday, June 28, 2012

The end of the Blog...

My bloging experience
Well, at first I thought that do a blog was very boring,  I to for  obligaton, for a mark... But today I think has been useful for to learn the english of different way. Remember the English in my school and that! If it was BORING! XD.  The advantages of blogging in the English class is that I can to ask at the Miss Daniela the questions that I have about of some word that I cant traslate. And the disadvantages were that I use several times the traslator because is the way more easy for do the blog. I’m Sorry Miss Daniela, but I must be sincere with you. Even if you don't believe I use anyway sometimes the dictionary.. I swear!
For example this blog I made not use the traslator, only I use the dictionary.
I enjoy blogging because I can write about the things I think in some topic. Besides I like to upload my pictures or funny pictures of Internet.
Now that the English class to finish, maybe I use the blog for to flow writing about the topic that I like or interesting topics of my career. 

So I say goodbye at all!


  1. I liked to upload my pictures too, and see the pictures of my classmates, there are many interesting

  2. Hello Meli! =)
    I too use dictionary =B jajaaja
    and make the homework =B

    i like the first photo!